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About Luca

  • Luca is a family business established in 2012, operated entirely by women

  • Eating well has always been a priority for me. Food is not just a necessity, but a pleasure that should be enjoyed as an everyday ritual. A meal brings families together, being the perfect occasion for nurturing conversations

  • Food has always been my passion, but as a busy mother of two and as a caring wife, I couldn't always find time for lengthy cooking

  • I wanted to be sure I was giving my family high nutritional value food, so I cooked and froze quality meals

  • I founded Luca to share with other moms the same products I cook for my family at home, which make my life easier and their tummies happy 

  • Our mission is to provide customers with high quality-healthy food, to ease their daily lives


​Lucia Caviedes
LUCA Tasty Treats Founder

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